My name is Luis Trejo
I have a Degree in Graphic Design


LuiggiBerto® Design Studio | Chief Designer.
(Sep. 2009 - Current.)

Design Studio / Creative Workshop, in which Multimedia Contents are developed and Handcrafted Bindings are produced, friendly with the environment, made 100% by hand.

Achievements: Collaborate with the European Market.

Universidad YMCA A.C. | University Teacher.
(Sep. 2015 - May. 2019)

I taught a chair of the Bachelor's degrees in International Marketing, Administration and Public Accounting for the following subjects:

· Computer Advertising Design.
· Marketing on the Internet.
· Commercial Creativity.
· Advertising and Promotion Strategies.
· Campaign Design.
· Brand Management.
· Marketing I.

Achievements: Obtaining academic excellence on various occasions.

Forever Living Products México | Publicista - Diseñador Senior.
(Jun. - Nov. 2014)

I fully coordinated the Design Area, Restructured all the Multimedia, Marketing and Advertising of the Company, where Web Contents, Social Networks, Damage Control were updated. The Monthly Bulletin and Product Catalog were printed.

Achievements: Redesign and Improve Internal / External Communication.
                           Coordinate Conventions at the National Level supporting all areas of the Corporate.

Relevant Courses:

Universidad YMCA A.C.
Teacher update workshop:

· “Integration of IT in the classroom”

September 2018.
Certificate with official validity.

Labor Competencies:

· Leadership.
· Empathy.
· Proactivity.
· Independence.
· Self-demand.


· Spanish (Natal)
· English (Toeic)
· Italian (Basic)


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